Modified TC ND-1 Nova Delay

Modified TC ND-1 Nova Delay

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Modified TC ND-1 Nova Delay Pedal (you get the modified pedal).


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From TC

The TC Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay stereo delay pedal
puts the sought-after quality and sound of TC Electronic's 2290 Dynamic Digital
Delay processor right at your feet! The ND-1 Nova Delay lets you choose six
different delay types, and two sturdy footswitches let you activate the pedal
and set tempos. Five knobs shape and mix the delay to your taste, plus buttons
let you select the type of delay you want. You can go from vintage tape to
modern digital delay and even mix and match delay types and styles with the TC
Electronic ND-1 Nova Delay!


There’s just not
enough space here to describe all of the features of this pedal. If you are not
familiar with it, do some googling 🙂

TC Nova ND 1 Mods Labelled


You get the TC ND-1
Nova Delay, plus:

-We do internal
mods on this pedal, then drill and add an external stereo jack.

-You get an external control pedal with two SPST
Soft Touch Momentary footswitches. One switch is for the external preset mod, the other switch is for the external tap tempo mod.

-We also provide
the stereo cable which connects your
TC Nova Delay pedal to your external control pedal. This cable is two feet long, and allows you more options as to where to place the external control pedal.


“We make your
sounds…sound good!”



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Price: $229.00