Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-1Y Delay Electric Guitar Effector

Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-1Y Delay Electric Guitar Effector


           Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-1Y 








Procurement of components became difficult, FLIGHT TIME regrettably finished production arrived in beauty item second hand!

It performs high-speed operation by 32-bit high precision DSP, pursues sound quality comparable to rack type high-quality delay, and it also carries two world functions (real time BPM analyzer function, delay time offset function) in the world.

The real-time BPM analyzer analyzes the current performance in real time within ± 20% of the tempo (BPM) information entered by TAP using the foot switch and automatically adjusts BPM and reflects it on the delay time. The delay time / offset function can slightly shift the delay time with arbitrary numerical value to the set BPM. By doing this, when setting the delay time a little shorter, you can have a faster atmosphere for the performance, and conversely when you set it a little longer you can give a tasteful expressionful atmosphere, add more musical expression spread to the performance I will. Delay · effector that pursues sound quality, is easier to use, enables more expressive expression, it is "FLIGHT TIME".

Condition: Used 

There are scratches on the body.

There is no problem with the performance.

Play condition is good!


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