Henretta Engineering – Moody Blue Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

Henretta Engineering - Moody Blue Reverb Guitar Effect Pedal

Henretta Engineering - Moody Blue Reverb Guitar Effect
Pedal - Authorized Dealer

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Product Description

The Henretta
Engineering Moody Blue Reverb is an extremely versatile reverb circuit that
uses the popular “brick” style digital module used in many reverb pedals. The
dry signal travels through only all-analog circuitry while the reverbed sound
gets blended in according to internal trimmer settings. The sounds can go from
snappy slapback-like effects, to amp-like spring reverb, to all-out ambient
bliss. The reverb signal has a touch of pitch modulation to keeps things
interesting. The output of the pedal can go beyond unity gain allow its use as
a solo boost.

The Moody Blue is housed in a tiny 2-5/8”x 3” enclosure
that’s sure to squeeze onto any pedal board, and top-mounted jacks help keep
things tidy. Step on the footswitch to turn the pedal on and off. The LED
lights up to indicate that the effect is active. The effect is completely
removed (true bypass) from your signal chain when the pedal is off

About Henretta

Henretta Engineering is the creation of long-time gigging
guitar player and tinkerer, Kevin Henretta. 
In 2010, armed with a formal background in hard sciences and years of
industrial experience as a design engineer, Kevin attempted what seemed like an
impossible task at the time and ultimately created the Orange Whip compressor,
a hand-made, all-analog compressor circuit housed in the tiny 2” x 2” boxes
players had been using for auxiliary tap tempo switches.  This started a line of small no-knob pedals
and initiated a set-and-forget utilitarian design philosophy that addresses the
worry of complicated pedal board setup, removes the distraction of obsessive
on-the-fly adjustments, and refocuses players’ attention onto the instrument -
the guitar.  Currently, Henretta
Engineering is still developing its line of no-knob pedals while also releasing
the occasional “traditional” pedal that still embodies the simplicity and
utility for which the brand has become known.

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