Suhr Riot Reloaded overdrive pedal excellent condition with box

Suhr Riot Reloaded overdrive pedal excellent condition with box




In 2009, we shipped our very first Riot distortion pedal. Riot became an overnight success, offering players the ability to transform a clean amp into a versatile Classic Rock tone machine.Riot Reloaded is the result of countless hours of listening, testing, and tweaking our original distortion circuit to create a pedal that is amp-like, aggressive, in your face, and features more gain (30%more than our original Riot). Riot Reloaded is the ideal choice for players seeking Hi-Gain Rock, Metal, and drop tuning style tones.

Amp-Like PerformanceRiot Reloaded responds dynamically to every nuance of your playing, just like the overdrive channel of a modded amplifier. With a simple twist of your volume knob, you can easily morph from mild chunk to full on metal assault.Gain to SpareRiot Reloaded offers over 30% more gain than our original Riot. Our engineers balanced the dual gain stages to increase saturation and upper harmonics, resulting in improved midrange articulation,more sustain, and a tighter three-dimensional sound.Tone ShapingThe tone control was modified to emphasize upper mid frequencies for a sweeter, more cutting tone, without sounding harsh or fatiguing.AppearanceHoused in a unique, spiral faced enclosure, the Riot Reloaded is anodized in a deep saturated purple, and accented with futuristic translucent control knobs.Part of the FamilyAn excellent companion to the original Riot,Riot Reloaded is a versatile distortion pedal that delivers a broad spectrum ofHi-Gain tones, with an amp-like feel, in a compact stomp box.



·        Amp-LikeDynamics - Responds to every nuance of your playing with definition andclarity.

·        Over 30% MoreGain - Adds dimension, upper harmonics, and increased sustain.

·        ToneControl - Modified to emphasize upper mid frequencies for a sweeter morecutting tone.

·        Three PositionVoice Switch - Provides Classic, Modern (Full bodied), and ScoopedEQ settings.


Price: $100.00