T-Rex Møller Overdrive/Boost Pedal

T-Rex Møller Overdrive/Boost  Pedal


Choose your mix of clean boost and dirty overdrive.

Stunning clean sound with just a little dirt around the edges? Solid overdrive with a tablespoon of clean sparkle to make your distorted chords stand out? Fire-breathing distortion with just a dash of clean signal for better definition? The T-Rex Moller is a classic overdrive guitar pedal that provides a wealth of dynamic overdriven tones with superb tonal control, as well as separate transparent 0-20 db adjustable and switchable clean boost, and a unique overdrive/clean mix option.The mix knob lets you dial in the perfect balance between distorted and non-distorted signal. Rolled all the way up and with distortion maxed too, the effect pedal sounds just like an old tube amp on full volume.Roll the mix knob back a bit, and your clean signal starts to get through, meaning that if you pick lightly, or roll back the volume on your guitar, you get a stunning clean/softly clipping sound that retains all the feel and dynamics of your original tone, only bigger, louder and richer.The boost function lets you dial in a solo level, whether the overdrive circuit is activated or not.Origin The T-Rex Moller pedal was developed in 2003 for a well-known Danish guitarist called Knud Moller. He plays guitar for Johnny Madsen and has also made solo albums. He needed a good tube screamer with a clean boost, so T-Rex made him that pedal based in Alberta. Other Danish players heard and saw the effect pedal, and they also asked for one. Demand increased. T-Rex decided to improve the guitar pedal and mass produce it.

FEATURESTONE, GAIN, MIX, BOOST and LEVELVOICE button2 switches (On/Off and Boost On/Off)2 jacks (signal input/output)9-12 volt DC input 2mm pin9-volt battery trunkMint greenTONE: Adjusts the flavor of overdriveGAIN: Controls the amount of overdrive. This pedal has lots of body, even with Gain turned down.MIX: Blends distorted (wet) and non-distorted (dry) signalBOOST: Determines the amount of boost, from 1 - 20 dbLEVEL: Adjusts the output volumeVOICE: This pedal is tuned to fit all types of pickups, from Humbucker to single coil. Hit the VOICE button and hear the difference.

Price: $125.00