XVive W3 Memory Analog Delay Modulation design by Howard Davis

XVive W3 Memory Analog Delay Modulation design by Howard Davis

Used in perfect condition, just a couple of test uses at home, in original box.

XVive W3 Memory Analog Delay Effects Pedal - designed by Howard Davis

The Memory Analog Delay was designed in the USA by our Chief Design Engineer, Howard Davis.  

was the guitar effects guru behind the wildly successful
Electro-Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe® in the latter part of the 20th
century.  The older models of the Memory Man Deluxe are coveted by
musicians because of its pure analog tone due to a chip design (the
3005)  that was subsequently retired.It was acknowledged as among the
best if not THE best  analog delay pedal.XVIVE
Audio has spent several years in development designing and refining a
new analog Bucket Brigade Device that rivals the old 3005 in every way
but size and cost.  We are very proud to introduce the Memory Analog
Delay pedal based on this proprietary chip design.  The
new XVIVE Audio Memory Analog Delay is an analog delay with a rich
organic tone that that can easily be shaped by an intuitive process. 
The flexibility of adding echo, delay, chorus, vibrato, etc. make the
Memory Analog Delay a must have on any effects board.  

Its small size and low cost make it an easy decision to own.


XVIVE Audio proprietary chip design (3005XVIVE BBD).Delay time control.Up to 600 msec of delay timeBuffered bypass with a 900K input impedanceWide bandwidthFeedback controlInput drive gain controlBypass and effect-on signal levels act in tandemAdjustable Blend controlComplex Rich ModulationAdjustable modulation speed and depthHigh-tech filtering and noise reduction circuitryTrue stereo outputs

Price: $100.00