Maestro Echoplex EP-3 Echo Guitar Effect Pedal

Maestro Echoplex EP-3 Echo Guitar Effect Pedal

Up for sale is this Ep-3 solid state Maestro Echoplex. The heads have been cleaned and demagnetized, and the tape only has a few hours time on it.

Included in the sale is an operational manual that explains how to use and maintain of the unit, as well as a demagnetizer for this maintenance.

The charm of these things is that they are analog and Very low-fi , making them next to impossible to replicate in a stomp box format. There’s a moving tape, a sliding head, and separate volume controls for the sustain and echo —- all coming together to give the user control over a broad spectrum of adjustability.

There’s even a recording level adjustment screw, which can to be fine tuned depending on what instrument you plug in. The manual is very informative and talks about all of this.

The footswitch and plastic echoplex dustcover aren’t included.

Price: $675.00