2 Maestro Echoplex’s

 2 Maestro Echoplex's

1300.00 for both! Here are my echoplex units.They look a bit worn,and are.But work great ! All parts  are here except a couple thumbscrews that hold the tape head covers

and one "on/off" footswitch is gone.A new one can be purchased at any music store or supplier.One other thing worth mentioning is the left unit,the one missing the Maesrto sticker on front    has a switch installed to turn the tape motor off to reduce tape wear.I leave it on all the time anyway.It works flawlessly.I have owned them both for over 20 years and have not

used them other than for recording in almost that many years.Both come recently maintained and loaded with brand new tapes! They give you all those great

tape effects and classic sounds.

Price: $1300.00