Scholz Rockman STEREO CHORUS/DELAY #2825 – Very Good Condition – BUY IT NOW!!!

Scholz Rockman STEREO CHORUS/DELAY  #2825 - Very Good Condition - BUY IT NOW!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!  This one is almost like having Tom Scholz and Barry Goudreau in your setup...

Scholz RD Rockman STEREO CHORUS/DELAY #CD2825 (early modules did not have manufacture dates).  Very good condition (100% complete, decent face plate [a few scratches} nice enclosure [minor rack wear], original hardware, cable and plug)!  Provides Tom Scholz of Boston's classic doubling (STEREO CHORUS) effect or up to 200 ms of analog delay (STEREO ECHO) masterfully staggered at a 3:5 ratio to prevent overlap!  Fully tested, all functions work, and sounds awesome!  THIS ONE ROCKS!!!  $224.99 BUY IT NOW or make me your best offer!  Feel free to ask questions.  Thanks for checking out my auction and good luck!  Chris

DISCLAIMER:  If my Rockman listings give you an erection that lasts longer than four hours...  YOU'RE VERY WELCOME!!!

If you are looking for other Rockman gear, let me know!  I am constantly buying and selling and if I don't have it, I probably know someone who does!  The gear in the background of the photos is my personal collection.  While I am not actively selling these beautiful, hand-picked items, if you want to make me a ridiculous offer, go for it!  For the right price, I can get any module that was ever made in your hands to complete your collection!

I highly recommend getting all Rockman gear from the 1980s and 1990s refurbed.   All of this remarkable gear is now over twenty years old and the electrolytic capacitors should to be replaced and the circuits and wiring checked for the units to function as intended.   There are several reputable repair services out there (contact me if you want a FREE referral).  This item has been tested and works properly, has not been refurbed, and is sold as is.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:  International bidders are welcome!  I have shipped many items using the eBay Global Shipping Program with no problems.  Thanks again and good luck!  Chris

Price: $224.99