Visual Sound/True Tone V3 Route 66 overdrive/compression guitar pedal

Visual Sound/True Tone V3 Route 66 overdrive/compression guitar pedal

For sale is a Visual Sound/True-Tone V3 Route 66 overdrive/compression guitar pedalUsed in Great Condition!

Truetone has completely re-invented the Route 66 pedal, with new circuitry, featuring Compression and Overdrive in one box. The all-new circuitry takes the best tones of previous versions and makes them even better, with far more versatility. These effects can be used in tandem or separately. The newly re-worked overdrive channel is based on the Reverend/GarageTone Drivetrain pedal, but with Clean Mix and Voice controls. 

The Overdrive Clean Mix knob allows for various blends of overdrive and dry signal, including all drive or all clean boost. Voice switch chooses between bright and open, or more saturated overdrive. The Route 66 also has separate Bass and Treble knobs, to help you further shape your tone.The re-designed Compression is quieter with more subtle noise gate circuit. The Compression Clean Mix knob allows varying degrees of compression mixed with dry signal, and the ability to be used as a clean boost. The Comp, Tone (with on/off switch) and Volume knobs remain the same as previous Route 66 pedals. The V3 Route 66 sounds equally great with guitar or bass, and even with keyboards and other instruments!

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Price: $150.00