Lemon Studio Sound Digi Delay Vintage Guitar Pedal

Lemon Studio Sound Digi Delay Vintage Guitar Pedal


Lemon StudioSound was a German guitar effects manufacturer in Karlsruhe, Germany, founded by Gerard Daleiden in the 1970's. Original Lemon StudioSound effects are extremely rare, valuable and rather pricy. Other effects include the 'Sound Stretcher A', 'Super-Phase' and 'Zuzz Thainer'.

Made in 1978, this machine is truly analog with eight TDA1022 bucket brigade delay chips, each with 512 stages. Delay times way above 1000ms are easily achievable, you can even tweak the delay time up to almost 4 sec.

HISTORY OF THIS BEAST:I purchased this item directly from AnalogTom aka Tom Hughes - author of 'Analog Man's Guide To Vintage Effects', owner of 'For Musicians Only Gear Shop', 'Black Cat Pedals' and protegee to AnalogMike himself (Mike's bio can be found at )

The pricing of this item is, as Tom put it...

"...based for the most part on my utter shock and surprise at discovering that the Digi Delay even existed (having previously encountered two Sound Stretcher's. Other factors that go into the pricing are relative intrinsic value (the Digi Delay has more knobs, a bigger chassis, and more electronics than the Sound Stretcher), and cosmetic condition (the Digi Delay is cleaner. Near mint, in fact)."

Open to offers.

Don't hesitate to ask me for more information as I have plenty of it.

Price: $2449.00