Keeley Hooke “Neo Spring” Multi Reverb pedal

Keeley is killing it with the fancy reverb game, and the Hooke is a great example with a ton of cool stuff under the hood (... under the hooke?...). It's just not finding a spot in my current rig, so I'm trying to thin the herd and consolidate things. The Hooke offers spring reverb, tremelo reverb, and a cool "Fugue" setting, which is like an overtone harmonizer - and it has internal dipswitches to choose from two different banks of those. LOTS of options. It's in excellent shape, with only tiny scratches by the bottom screws, and a tiny scratch/chip in the top stenciling which is really hard to see. All original packaging included, box is in excellent shape. US ONLY, NO RETURNS, NO TRADES. Thx for looking!

Price: $125.00