Dunlop Russian Pickle Pedal WAY HUGE

Dunlop Russian Pickle Pedal WAY HUGE

DUNLOP Russian Pickle Pedal WHE408

New in Original Box with Manual

Smooth, creamy fuzz tones
Clear midrange and a fat bottom end
Simple control interface
Perfect for 90s era grunge, swinging stoner grooves, and garage rock riffage

The Russian-Pickle Fuzz dishes out smooth, fuzz tones with a clear midrange to cut through the mix and a fat bottom end that keeps your sound thick and full. With a no-nonsense interface featuring Volume, Tone, and Distortion controls, you can quickly dial in your sound and get to playing. Bass players, take note-this pedal has enough low end to tremble the earth. Whether you're going for '90s-era grunge, swinging stoner grooves, or raw two-piece garage rock riffage, the Russian-Pickle Fuzz is the perfect comrade for your pedalboard.

Price: $124.62