Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-2Y Delay Electric Guitar Effector

Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-2Y Delay Electric Guitar Effector


           Free The Tone FLIGHT TIME FT-2Y 








Multifunctional delay with high sound quality Delivery FLIGHT TIME arrived in second hand! !

Although it is an effect of Free The Tone which is not used in the second hand, it is an effector of this one arrival, it is a beautiful item second hand with little feeling of use!

Those who were looking forward as soon as possible! ! !

FLIGHT TIME FT - 2Y reexamined the design of digital circuits and firmware as well as analog circuits and power supply circuits, and dramatically improved the sound quality.

Regarding the specifications, it is necessary to switch the instrument / line level or add a preset switching mode without changing the function of FT-1Y (world's first real-time BPM analyzer function and delay time offset function etc.) We have made further evolution with. It is "FLIGHT TIME FT - 2Y" which is pursuing sound quality, is more convenient, and combines the "now" of FREE THE TONE, an unparalleled delay effector.

Condition: Used 

There are scratches on the body.

There is no problem with the performance.

Play condition is good!


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Price: $492.00