B.K. Butler “Blue Tube” tube-driver rack-mountable overdrive and boost

BK Butler RT-904 Tube Works - Blue Tube 1U rack mountable boost / overdrive. Comes with footswitch with fresh battery, instructions, and EH 12ax7 Russian tube. Everything works, including the 4 indicator lights on the unit and footswitch. As you can see, this is a very clean example with minor rack rash.

The EH tube was selected from over a dozen I swapped in to find one that delivers the best crunchy M-style overdrive. If you have watched videos of these units or owned one, you know the sound quality is HIGHLY tube dependent. These can sound thin or they can sound rich and full depending on the tube. You can also swap in a 12au7 for lighter OD tones.

The only issue with this unit is some scratchiness in some of the pots. Otherwise, it is one of the cleanest 904s I have come across. It will be well packed, shipped quickly with insurance, and tracking to you ASAP.

Price: $149.00