Vintage Early 70’s Maestro MINI-PHASE MPS-2 Pedal

Vintage Early 70's Maestro MINI-PHASE MPS-2 Pedal

Great condition from a pedal whose potentiometer date code 7438 (1974). It has one replaced screw and the battery connection is a replacement also, aside from that it is all original and it functions perfectly. 

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Please check for this info YOURSELF instead of asking
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This is not an “as-is” sale, the
item works exactly as described and I am prepared to prove that by
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Pedal Disclaimer: The pedal does not
come with a battery unless it says so. Often the extra weight from a
battery can cost more than the price of a battery to ship. Also,
unless the listing states that a pedal comes with a power adapter it
does not.

I will be on vacation 11/7/12-11/12/12. Feel free to buy, but I can't ship until I get back. Thanks

Price: $299.00