1967 maestro boomerang BG1 wah – no way!

1967 maestro boomerang BG1 wah  - no way!

Update, this baby has been up a few weeks,  let's  get it going.Announcing!  REVERSE AUCTION.  Every other day or so, we'll lower the price by a random amount. Sometimes a dollar, sometimes up to $20. Stay tuned,  someone is going to be a winner. The white buffalo of vintage wahs,
maestro boomerang BG-1.

many players and collectors have never even seen one!

yes, it is different than the later maestro BG-2. more gain, more harmonics-
the tone of the BG-1 is legendary.
made for just one year, and in very small numbers.

- completely checked and restored by the boomerang wah authority and historian, joe gagan.
contains nearly all of it's original parts , including the coveted white '1115' inductor. SOUNDSAMPLE - this actual pedal, recorded directly after restoration, search " _cmcCJDh9qE ", it will come up, or message us for the direct link.
see below for the minor list of replaced parts, all done to assure the absolute finest tones and superb reliability.

will be packed with extreme care.

features all original parts, with the following exceptions:

two resistors on the board needed 'adjusting'. one was replaced with carbon comp, the other was brought to specs by sistering a metal film on the underside of board.

two electros ( 1.0uf) were replaced, originals were worn and out of spec.

original pot long gone, replaced with joe gagan smooth pot, hailed by hundreds of boomerang owners as the finest boomerang pot available in the modern era.

bottom plate is correct type and era, but is not original to this pedal.

felts were freshened, rubber top pads are from another boomerang, pro bonded.

entire pedal is adjusted and set up for pro or studio use.

every effort was made to bring this piece into 100% perfect working condition. no worries using it any way you like. if you've been looking for a boomerang, you know how dicey the condition of them can be. not this one.

joe gagan signature inside (the one guy who knows more about them than almost anyone except richard mintz himself). this pedigree typically adds major value to vintage boomerangs gagan has sold since 2011.

feel free to ask any questions you may have. thank you.

Flawless Return Policy:

We allow 30 days for our 'no questions asked' cheerful refund ( less shipping ) if you are not 100% in love with this wah. We stand behind it.

Price: $784.00