Electro Harmonix Kinnatone modded Turnip Greens overdrive reverb guitar pedal

Electro Harmonix Kinnatone modded Turnip Greens overdrive reverb guitar pedal

For sale used but like new condition Electro Harmonix Knnatone Modded Turnip Greens overdrive reverb guitar pedal. Pedal was purchased in the states, I am only using the soul food side of the pedal (which friggin sounds amazing) so cant justify keeping it (too much pedal board space. 

The Turnip Greens is a compact multi-effect pedal combining the award-winning Soul Food Overdrive and Holy Grail Max Reverb. The Soul Food delivers transparent sounds starting with clean boost and progressing all the way to intense overdrive. It's equally adept at adding punch to a player's tone, pushing an amp into saturation or in front of other dirt pedals driving them into new worlds of distortion.


The Holy Grail Max provides four carefully crafted reverbs: Spring, Hall, Plate and Reverse. A newly designed analog wet/dry control yields a constant volume curve as the Blend knob is turned from fully dry to fully wet, while also keeping the dry signal analog through the pedal.


The pedal's left side features the Holy Grail Max's controls and independent footswitch while the right side is dedicated to the Soul Food's controls and footswitch.A toggle effect-order switch, located in the middle of the Turnip Greens, selects whether the overdrive or reverb is first in the effects chain. Send and Return jacks let the player insert effects into the signal path between the two. With the switch to the right the signal chain is Soul Food - Holy Grail Max which produces a traditional sound familiar to most players. In the left position the signal chain is Holy Grail Max - Soul Food. Now the reverb is boosted by the overdrive which, when used in conjunction with pedals in the effects loop, can create very lush textures.


The Turnip Greens features an internal switch that lets the player select between true bypass or buffered bypass for the Soul Food section. In true bypass mode, when the Turnip Greens is set to bypass, the input jack is connected directly to the amp jack and nothing else. In buffered bypass mode, the bypass signal passes through a high-quality buffer circuit before it is output from the Amp jack.

Kinnatone mod adds three way toggle switch to go between 2 types of Germanium Diodes one set that are to the specs of those found in the Klon Centaur The other is another Flavor equally as great just a little different. Few caps inside and replace the cheap electrolytic caps with audio grade Panansonic and Nichicon caps and a few tweaks to the stock circuit making it sound much smoother and warmer when engaged. This mod also add a bass knob to your pedal. Only getting the soul food side modded.

Price: $259.00