Maestro Phaser Vintage MP-1

Maestro Phaser Vintage MP-1

Here’s a very collectible vintage phaser pedal that was made between 1976-1978.

This is considered by many as one of the finest phaser pedal ever made. The sound is what a real phaser should sound like. Swirly. Lush. Organic and authentic vintage. In perfect working condition without unnecessary noise.

Uses 9v battery and the battery compartment is intact and tight.

Missing one rubber footing and paint scratches here and there. Please see the high res photos to get the whole idea of its physical condition.

US customers:

I shipped hundreds of items ranging from from 50 to 1500 dollar-items. Shipping to US doesn’t incur additional custom fees and duties cos I have a special arrangement with UPS. Buy with confidence that you’ll not get dinged with extra fees. If ever that happens, please talk to me.

Price: $500.00