Vintage Maestro Fuzztain Moog Design Very Early 70’s Model

Vintage Maestro Fuzztain Moog Design Very Early 70's Model

Works good and is in very good condition considering the year it was made. This Fuzztain is all original and is the early version with the orange and yellow capacitors. If you're searching for a Fuzztain or even a serious fuzz effect then you probably know that Fuzztain's were designed by Bob Moog who helped to create many historic rock 'n' roll guitar sounds of the 1970's. This is one of the most sought after early versions of Maestro Fuzztain vintage pedals from the 70s. Only the battery wires have been resoldered. Saturday night you could be the owner of this vintage Maestro Fuzztain designed by the legendary Bob Moog. If you are looking for some serious vintage sustain and tone, then Fuzztain is the way to go. Search them on Reverb and see how much they are selling for. I think Jesus helped Bob Moog design this one because the sustain goes on like, forever.

Price: $113.61