Echoplex EP3 Maestro vintage 1970’s EP-3 tape echo unit PARTS/REPAIR

Echoplex EP3 Maestro vintage 1970's EP-3 tape echo unit PARTS/REPAIR

Echoplex-EP3-Maestro-vintage-1970-039-s-EP-3-tape-echo-unit PARTS/REPAIRI hated to list this as "Parts/Repair" because I really don't know if there's a problem.... The tape in the cartridge is twisted, and when we ran the unit, it ran a bit until the tension on tape was too tight... We cut the unit off instead of breaking the tape. The capstan motor runs fine and everything looks good.. we just are not able to test the recording.. Thus... AS-IS Parts/ Repair...I hope someone picks this up for a deal, and only has to get a new tape cartridge..We accept Paypal Payments only.. and sell and ship in US-48 only...Please e-mail any questions.. Thanks for looking...NOTE: TAPE COVER WAS LEFT OFF PICTURES.. I HAVE ADDED PICTURE THAT IT IS INCLUDED...  SORRY FOR OMISSION.. 

Price: $500.00