Bearfoot/BJFE Folk Fuzz Guitar Pedal Handwired CLONE

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Location: Castile, New York

Clone of BJFE Folk Fuzz.
Blue Hammond enclosure, large green LED indicator.
Top quality 3PDT switch used for true bypass switching.
This pedal roars even with a strat, I have too many fuzzes so I’m thinning the herd.

There is velcro on the back of this pedal, as it was once on a board.Volume is in the upper left, Fuzz in upper right, and the tone in the bottom middle. They are not labeled.

This pedal requires a 9V adapter, there is no place to connect a 9V battery. The industry standard center pin negative 9V DC adapter works.

Do not hook up an AC/AC adapter or a positive pin adapter.

Please do not contact me about building you a pedal, I am not in the business of cloning pedals. I would suggest you buy pedals from the manufacturer who spent time designing the circuit (Though I personally believe many are way overpriced). I am only selling this pedal because I made myself way too many and I’d rather see it go to someone who could use it regularly.

My main goal is to get back the money I invested in parts. Thanks for looking.

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